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Feasibility Studies & Energy Statements

Feasibility Studies & Energy Statements

What is an Energy Statement?

Planning conditions for energy statements are now routine for both new and conversion schemes in the UK. They effectively demand an energy performance over and above that required by the building regulations. Applicants will usually need to show attention to renewable technologies, centralised energy and extra energy efficiency measures.

Feasibility Study

The energy statement will need to summary in detail the proposed energy strategy including any energy efficiency measures. Essentially it must provide a full feasibility study of renewable and low or zero carbon technologies and how the scheme might make use of existing centralised heat and power networks, or provide new hubs for future networks.

Energy Planning Statements

A sustainability statement is a report to prove how a scheme will address local core policies set by your council.

A well prepared, professional sustainability statement can play a important role in ensuring planning consent for a site. Many authorities also require proof that minimum levels of energy will be produced by low and zero carbon technologies.

It is essential that any report you warrant is targeted to your specific planning authority.